Secret Societies: Jesuits

Name of Organization: Jesuits ( Society of Jesus)

Date of Origin: August 12, 1534 AD – Present

: Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam (For the greater glory of God)

Historic Significance:
Diminishing of religious dominance in Europe and major shift of power to finance and military.  Dominance of Britain and France over major parts of the world through colonies. The Vatican was searching for ways to get back in power.

Ignatius of Loyola

Origin & History:
Male Catholic Religious Order that does missionary work in Jerusalem or wherever the Pope requests after noticing the decrease of enthusiasm and commitment to religion in Europe. Started work in Italy and spread throughout Europe and the world. Currently headed by a religious figure, called the Black Pope for several reason one of which is that they grew strong enough to be as strong as the Vatican itself in terms of finances and affiliated institutions. It was suppressed by the Vatican on 1773 and restored on 1814. Currently has its biggest membership and power in India, surprisingly the biggest Islamic groups are also currently situated in India.

Current Work
– Education(Colleges, Secondary Schools, Seminaries, Research Centers…)
– Missionaries (Transforming non Christians into Catholics, preventing the spread of Protestantism)

Secret Societies: Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem / Knights of Rhodes / Knights of Malta

Ok so now for the second organization, and here I’d like to clarify why it is considered “secret”. Namely, no one is allowed to know from times of its initiation until today, the ongoings inside the society, the decisions, the plans nor the affiliated members unless they disclose it.
Name of Organization: Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem / Knights of Rhodes /  Knights of Malta
Date of Origin: 1099 AD – Present
Historic Significance: Crusades from 1095 – 1314
Founder: Thomas Gerald
Motto: Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum (For the faith, in service of mankind)
Origin & Work: The Hospitallers were a military/religious order founded to protect religious pilgrims from Europe to the holy land. They initiated and managed hospitals in Jerusalem during& after crusades to provide medical care for the injured and the needy. They took care of Christian knights, warriors and followers in times of war and peace as well.
Following the liberation of the Holy Land by the Islamic forces, they departed out of Jerusalem by Saladin. They moved to Rhodes in Cyprus and changed many of there name, tactics and field of work entirely from protecting Christian pilgrimages and warriors to fighting against Islam .
Later, the Knights of Rhodes were kicked out of Cyprus by a wave of Islamic forces and the remaining knights were allowed to withdraw to Sicily. After few years, the king of Sicily gave the knights Malta as a headquarters for a certain fee in return, from there on they were known as Knights of Malta. In Malta again the knights changed their tactics and field of work from fighting on the ground to protecting the Christian sea trade routes and navies from and too the Levant(today known as Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Jordan).
Later on Malta was overtook by Napoleon and the knights were dispersed into Europe loosing much of their income and power due to the many political/religious changes in Europe.  Early 1800’s the knights gathered themselves in Russia and from there tried to re-establish the links in Europe.
In WWI and afterwards the resumed their activity mainly focusing on medical care and found themselves in much need in Europe.
Today, the Knights of Malta, known as the Sovereign Order of Knights of Malta (SMOM) holds a sovereign status, has diplomatic relations with more than a hundred countries, an observer position in the UN, issues its own passports, has its own rules..etc.