Secret Societies & International Clubs – 1 of ??

In an attempt to shed light on the not-so-well-known side of civil society in the world and to give a different perspective of who are the “players” on the field in our community I will be writing a series of small posts about the various secret societies and international clubs in the world.

The information that will be presented is a compilation of interviews, readings from books/articles about the mentioned times and personal research online. It is important to specify that many of the details and issues have been excluded to simplify the concepts and to make it clearer to understand the picture without having to dwell into intensive explanations nor expecting any prior knowledge of history and details of such times.

All that will be presented is to be thought of critically and further researched if interested in understanding it in more details, and I’m more than ready to discuss any issue in more details and to give further explanations.

I hope you find the information presented interesting, eye-opening, and useful yet I hope no one becomes paranoid about the world and what is going on in life. The more we know the more powerful we are, the clearer we can plan and the better we can understand the world around us…and its always important to weigh all the odds before coming up with decisions, or stating opinions or stances towards any person, idea or organization.

In terms of secret societies, I prefer to start with the historical societies up until today so that my beloved readers get to understand more the context of how and why this society started and whether it is still there… (yes that ironically conflicts with it being “secret” ..don’t worry this too will be explained in the posts)

As for the international clubs, I will give just 4 or 5 examples of the most prominent ones…the rest I can give more details on if requested.

At this point I want your opinion …shall I start the posts with the secret socities or the international clubs? Which would you like to read about first?…one society/club at a time 🙂


Defining Secret Society
An organization that conceals all or part of its internal activities, ceremonies, beliefs, membership.
An organization which membership is exclusive, claims to have hidden truth that are gained gradually.

Defining International Club
An organization that has membership and operates in more than one country. Its activities, membership and beliefs are open to the public. The name “club” is from the structure of the organization and the type of projects/activities it does.

10 thoughts on “Secret Societies & International Clubs – 1 of ??

  1. I am sensing an overlap. Do ‘international clubs’ have secret elements about them, unbeknownst to the general public? Do ‘secret societies’ portray an open element to various members (available to the public) yet keep secret agendas? One thing for sure in this interesting topic: we seem to find strength in working together rather than alone. . . surprise us in your selection.

  2. There sure are some elements of overlap and many elements of secrecy not just in “societies” and “international clubs” but everywhere around us…in political parties, in local communities, in governmental offices…etc.

    My aim is to both inform my dear readers with some facts and information…and provoke a discussion …so I hope it works out 🙂

    Stay tuned … 😉

  3. Interesting topic indeed! ppl usually under estmate the power of these clubs and societies in shaping the world the way these clubs and societies want. alot of what we are living in now was planned years and years ago.

    im really glad and thrilled that you are launching a series of articles about this, and as Brenda said: “surprize us with youe selection” 😉

  4. Or maybe even describe one and see if we can guess what category it falls in. Where do lobbies fit in? (official or just pressure groups)

  5. I honestly love the topic, very stimulating indeed.
    I’ve personally heard of many “underworlds” and would really like to know how things go.
    Because they are not simply secret ” Clubs” but more like society! so to be able to get a sneak peek into their world would be quite interesting!!!
    looking forward to it!

  6. Hey Afif,
    first,I think the topic is very interesting, yet I m afraid that u,or we as active readers go into discussions which will lead to prejudices. Actually we have discussed together once this topic ..remember? But at that time you had different I would love to talk with u live about this, and share with me what uve read and learned, and especially after you made the shift and probably u changed your mind…. Note: make sure to let the discussion go without judging, and I am sure u will orient it in a way to make more respectful to freedom of thought and speech…
    Y’ala at7ifna khaweja afif:-)
    by the way, good luck with your blog

  7. Afif, this is a very interesting and controversial issue that need to be dealt with carefully because any misconception would lead to major mistaken perception of what is actually happening in this world. It is very important to open our eyes on such issues that is surely the very few know about.
    Waiting for further explanation and I’d rather read about Secret Societies first…
    Great thoughts coming from a great mind!!!

  8. i really find this topic to be intresting and i hope that u start the posts really soon!
    personally it really doesnt matter with which one u start as long as u start! 😀
    goodluck on your blog sweetie!
    Cannot wait to

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