Reclaiming Semitism

Semitic: Of or pertaining to a subdivision of Middle Eastern and North African languages: Amharic, Arabic, Aramaic, Syriac, Akkadian, Hebrew, Maltese, Tigrigna, Phoenician etc. Semitic comes from modern Latin Semita, via late Latin from Greek Sēm ‘Shem’, son of Noah in the Bible, from whom those people traditionally descended from. (as per historical facts)

Anti-Semitism: Hostility to or prejudice against Jews. (as per Oxford’s dictionary)

But wait a minute, with all respect to the Jews the “Semitic” title contains much more than just about the Aramaic? Syriac? Maltese? And Arabs?…

Yes… those people too have been treated with a lot of prejudice and “hostility”…especially Arabs who have been discriminated against and persecuted by the so-called “Democracies of the world” including but not limited to the United States of America, United Kingdom, France and the so-called  Jewish state of Israel. How come no one is calling them Anti-Semitic? How come no law is protecting those Semites as well?

In fact, Western Jewish prejudice against Arabic Jews in that illegitimate state of Israel have been exacerbating over the years. This is showing the true colors of prejudice and hatred against Arabs in the “Western World” due to the simple fact that this Anti-Semitism is being fueled by Western academic institutions, media, PR, and by the power of guns.

Moving away from the Middle East and to the global arena were most individuals with an Arabic name(whether Muslim, Christian or Jewish) are ill-treated and seen as a threat to the state whether at airports, police stations or daily life.
Arabs, no matter how educated, cultured and well-groomed are still treated as second class citizens in many countries of the world. With prejudice and hostility fueled by the world’s media and governments for political reasons and financial revenues…this has become truly a weight on the Declaration of Human Rights and the principles and values that the UN and most world democracies uphold.

In this context, I ask everyone, especially Semites,  to ponder about “Anti-Semitism” and reclaim it one way or another. Demand that your governments, policy makers, media, businessmen and civil society in all its branches stand up to the challenge of putting things straight.

Let there be no more prejudice or hostility against anyone in this world. May we all treat each other with humanity…our differences matter but our humanity matters more!