Lebanon: Democracy, Rule of Law & Hypocrisy

Another post that I find myself writing out of surprise and out of being ashamed of my fellow Lebanese.

For years now those in government, have been talking about democracy, about the rule of law, about using institutional channels to work rather than going on the ground, burning tires, closing roads and threatening. I sincerely supported them in the concept of rule of law and all that( though I do not support them in their political views, neither support the other side for sure)

Yet, at the slightest chance of threat to lose their positions in government through the same democratic and institutional patterns, they lose their logic and sense and then directly head to the streets.

Those same politicians who have been warning the Lebanese from any sort of chaos and street fights just few days ago…are now calling on their supporters to go to the street, to block roads, burn tires and participate in showing their “rage” (according to one of their spokesman’s choice of words).

I wonder if any of our politicians (from both sides) and their supporters (and I stress on supporters because I don’t blame the politicians as much as I blame those who vote for them!!!) have any sense of logic and honesty. Any kind of values and principles to live by and look up to…

I sincerely, honestly, deeply feel ashamed of those Lebanese who are cheering for this party or that. I pity those who are actually answering the call to go to the streets, those puppets that easily get exploited by the politicians to provoke chaos in our beloved country.

I dare you to say ENOUGH! Enough hypocrisy! Enough bullshit! Enough spreading fear amongst our streets and homes! ENOUGHHH!!


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15 thoughts on “Lebanon: Democracy, Rule of Law & Hypocrisy

  1. Thanks Afif. Very well said. I’m sure that there are many (like you and I) who feel this way and would like to say it to the politicians, sorry the power seeking hypocrits, who consider themselves representing a majority on whichever side they are (come to think of it how many majorities there could be in a totality!!). Unfortunately people like us, though many, are still very few compared to those blinded by money and sectarianism hence void of values and principles. This bring us again to the feeling of “shame” yes I too am ashamed of my “Fellow Lebanese” but I’m also sad, disappointed, bitter, disgusted, angry, infuriated, and mostly I’m so much in pain… It hurts to see, over the years, how those who are supposed to be your “fellow Lebanese” are doing nothing but “follow everything except the true Lebanese values”!!!

  2. Referring back to your previous post on this topic https://afiftabsh.com/2011/01/20/lebanon-its-sovereignty-an-irony/, it seems Gollum is now in a frenzy. But the hope lies with the voices of sanity like yours and Hanaa’s. How can you make them be heard? As the media pounces on the cliche images of Beirut on yet another cliched ‘brink of civil war’, how about giving them an alternate image? How about a silent vigil–a significant show of peaceful young Lebanese who say either work within the system, or work to change the system. Enough hysteria. The media just re-inforces and even encourages the sensational–why not make them work for you too? Can you do it? Organise a quick counter-force. Remember the signs of ‘if you don’t agree, don’t come back’? It does make an impact…does ‘cooperation’ in Lebanese-Arabic translate to ‘yeah, right, I know your game!’ C’mon guys–time to re-brand….

  3. thank u evita and iffat and brenda for ur support.

    I hope we all manage to leave an impact one way or another and definitely not only by blogging and talkin but by actions…

    Soon i’ll be informing everyone about some actions i’m taking/organizing to try and make an impact on the ground….

    Keep ur hopes up, we need alot of it to keep on going forward! 🙂


  4. I totally agree with you Afif and wonder when are the majority going to “grow” up and stop being puppets. Change is a process and what we are dealing with here is a change of atitude and mindsets which takes longer. Raising awareness using the media is one way, being proactive and not reactive.

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