1…2…3…Let’s Go!

So why is everyone so afraid of change?…

Come to think about it …life is changing from around us every minute of every day…and we’re still so stiff and worried.

Here’s a thing to think about… we get born, get to school, graduate, get to uni, graduate, go to work, get engaged, make a family, get children…and the cycle reruns….

So what’s soo surprizing? why are we all so confused? why the worrying? we know the big picture, we know the time frame….we know most of it…the rest are details…

I personally have graduated from uni few weeks ago, was very worried about what job i’ll take, now I’m working and suddenly I’m starting to worry what future shall i have…how am I gonna buy that car and the right house and will i meet the right person and perhaps willl i stay in my job and for how long and and and….

But hey…wait a minute…enough worrying! for God’s sake let us just enjoy it for a while! take it easy and chill…

Plan your life…do your best at everything…be sincere and honest with the people around you…be trust worth, caring and hard working….treat others fairly and be just…don’t take whats not yours and do give to others something from what you have…always give something back to the world…its a gift to know that you can give…especially when others need.

So take a deep breath…sit down…relax…look around you…list all the good things that are in your life at the moment …put a special list of the things you are proud of achieving in the past…and dwell on it for a while..

Enjoy your life…and when you are happy and content…you’ll be more than ready for the journey ahead…count till 3 and let’s go! 🙂

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