My Two Cents on Leadership

I’m going to share with you some of the things I’ve realized about leadership in the several places I’ve volunteered/worked…and I believe they do apply, more or less, at all levels and in all kinds of organizations whether for profit, non profit or governmental.

I believe a clear set of qualities can be found across most those who we look up to as leaders or enjoy working with. Some of which are the following:

Vision: A leader without a vision is like a captain sailing a ship into oblivion. Without a clear direction, a goal or even a dream…that person is not leading but merely managing the work being done without giving much value to why is it being done, how and what for.

Trust: This has proved to be so essential for anyone to be a leader, he/she needs to be trusted and to be able to know how trust others. Without that sense of trust, the leader will quickly loose ground and wont have a team to work with.

Transparency: If the leader is not clear with those he’s working with then they will lose interest, have distorted ideas of what needs to be done, and they most probably will not have a shared common goal.

Stability: A leader needs to be to stable and strong to be able to support his/her team. Without that stability, both he/she and his/her team will crumble sooner or later. Stability comes from several factors…from within, from the society, from family, from work, finances…etc. Thus it is tricky to strike a balance between it all and manage to be as strong and stable as a mountain.

Competence: Any leader who is not found to be competent and able to implement work properly, he/she will not be able to lead a team. Being able to lead others by example proved to be one of the most effective ways. Thus sharing the successes and achievements he/she has done and can do in the future will raise the moral of his/her team and provide guidance.

Humbleness: A leader’s ego can lead to his/her downfall if it is not checked and trimmed often. The leader needs to keep his/her feet on the ground, always treat others as equals and make sure that how he/she acts/talks does not reflect any bossy-attitude, arrogance or a sense of superiority. Everyone on the team is equally important, respectful and worth giving the attention of the leader to develop and grow.

I know those aren’t much, but after my personal reflections those seemed to be the most obvious and note-worthy qualities that a person needs to have to be able to lead.

Let me know if you have others in mind 😉

  1. Michelle
    June 9, 2011 at 10:39 am

    I totally agree with your points and critical reflection. So many have leaders- as if – and let’s say people with power believe in being sneaky and cunning plus brutal and rude are the main characteristics of a leader! They have been raised and nurtured in that kind of narrow minded and low self-esteem environment.

    As in my position, I believe a leader should be an idol! Tolerant and wise. The one I have working with, they are bullies! And no one stops them. Most of them unethical and not loyal. I wonder how the expect us to be loyal to them once they are stabbing backs!

    Just let me add another point about leadership. A leader who discovers leadership in his employees. Its very crucial to do that in order to serve the one team dream. Once the leader feels that and build leaders in his team. He or She will observe and monitor. Its more like parenting. Asses the team, and help them by developing the dream team. Use the double D strategy ” Delegate and Disappear”

    Michelle Salem

  2. April 17, 2013 at 3:14 am

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