Appreciating the Value of Friends and Loved Ones…

Throughout yesterday and the past few days I realized how essential it is to have a small group of close people you call family, friends and loved ones.

On days when you feel you’re on top of the world and others when you’re hitting rock bottom…without those handful of people who give you their care, attention, and love…it wont really be worth. Even though the numerous people you call friends, coworkers, colleagues …support you and stay posted with you…sometimes this is not enough.

During my birthday yesterday I realized how attached I am to those handful, how grateful I am to have them and how sad I feel when we don’t stay in touch as often as we wish…

I truly appreciate all my friends, coworkers, colleagues, loved ones and all those I meet day in and day out…without those life wont be the same. It’s true what they say that humans are social creatures, and as the old Arabic proverb says “A heaven with no people is not worth being in” … and in this context it doesn’t mean no people at all, but rather no people to spend your time with, care about and that care about you in return.

On a final note, as the days go by I am getting to appreciate all the good people I know, all the support I’m getting and all the support I’m being able to give….

With much love and appreciation.

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