WikiLeaks… or is it?

WikiLeaks: A not-for-profit media organization founded in December 2006. Our goal is to bring important news and information to the public. We provide an innovative, secure and anonymous way for sources to leak information to our journalists (our electronic drop box). One of our most important activities is to publish original source material alongside our news stories so readers and historians alike can see evidence of the truth.

Atleast that is what they state on their website. This NPO, has been founded by Julian Assange, an Australian publisher and internet activist born in 1971.

So far they have been publishing “confidential” leaked documents from all walks of life and most notably the documents from the US Army about the war in Iraq, war in  Afghanistan, Congressional reports, Intelligence reports, Diplomatic letters between foreign ministries, embassies and so on and so forth…

Those “leaked” documents are not few…they are in the thousands…and hundreds of thousands..

Yet what I don’t understand is that with all this kind information “leaked” and published about the “most powerful nation in the world” along with its communication with its allies, its secrets, its embassies, armies…etc. How come the website, organization and founder is still there?

How come such a person with all those are working with him haven’t been silenced? How come all those documents are being leaked? Are the US governmental offices, army, congress, pentagon, corporations…so easy to hack? Or to get those thousands of documents leaked from? Is it like all saved on a single hard drive where someone can just pass by the data center of a Ministry/Congress/Pentagon and copy the files on his “flash disk” and simple go upload them online for the world to see?

How come so many confidential letters, documents, and reports can find their way out to the public…whether “anonymously” or not…it is just illogical. We’d be too naïve to accept things as they are…as is.

It gets me worried about what kind of world are we living in…though this NPO/Website is of great journalistic importance…of great value to freedom of speech and transparency…yet it gets me thinking about the meaning of “confidential” of “freedom of speech”  of “activism” …and the list goes on.

I salute Julian Assange for all his effort, time and guts to make it happen…yet I doubt he did this single-handed. Even if he has a troop of lawyers and volunteers to assist, if this was not “allowed” to happen I doubt it would’ve still been in existence…

Don’t get me wrong, I find the information extremely useful, important and eye-opening in a world full of deception and hidden agendas…But still things can’t be this easy…something feels cheesy (that rhymes hehe)

These are my two cents …but don’t take my word for it…tell me what you think! 😀


6 thoughts on “WikiLeaks… or is it?

  1. Afif, thanks for bringing this up. i too cannot believe that this amount of leaks is without an agenda and it makes me anxious to think how much people r swallowing it in amazement without critical rethinking.. what i know is that there are tons of info, which makes it impossible to read and verify-so the effect is really much bigger than the potential value of the docs themselves.also, there’s a lot of false info (some abt lebanon) and most of the leaks sound personal and actually irrelevant to politics.. also, what is noticeable is that the leaks generally serve israeli interests and puts pressure on obama’s admin and american foreign policy, esp in the middle east, which i strongly believe clashes with israeli interests.. that’s why i tend to find this article interesting: check it out tell me what you think..

  2. Totally agree……
    This is a new episode in Season 6 (..?) of the Neverending Soap Opera: “The New Middle East”….
    To be continued…

  3. First the kid who did this had clearance as an Intelligence Analyst because there was a belief that the men on the ground should have access to the most amount of information possible. If you want to deliberately subvert your government and you have clearance it is not hard to do so. He performed TREASON and he should be tried as such. I guess the only good news is that the information released so far has not been to damaging.

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