A Key to Happiness: Love Thy Self!

ImageMy dear reader,

Today, I’m going to share with you a secret of mine that made me find one of the ways to happiness. It’s more intuitive than you might think and I hope it works for you as well 🙂

I’ve went through several transformations in my life and by far the most critical of them was learning to love myself. I’m not talking about being conceited and self centered, that is way too far from what I mean; it’s actually about learning to look in the mirror and really appreciating and loving the person you see.

So what I want you to do after reading this article is to go to the nearest mirror and ask yourself if you love the person you are seeing. Do you appreciate all what this person has been through and what this person became as a result of those experiences? But always remember to be extremely honest to yourself while answering all those questions to be able to identify the way you see yourself.

If your answer is yes, then learn to appreciate yourself more by recognizing and loving that person. This is crucial, simply because the more you love yourself, the easier it would be to really love others and hence open the door for others to love you back.

In my childhood, when I used to look in that mirror, I didn’t really love the person I used to see. I wanted to be different and even completely someone else. I felt like things were missing in me, but as I matured and as things changed in my life, that perception for the person in the mirror changed. All the changes that happened taught me to love myself and love my life.

It’s that moment, that point in time where you start your journey of happiness because happiness is not a destination but rather the journey itself.

You’ll be surprised how your self-perception projects itself on your feelings, actions, attitude and hence your life as a whole. In return, this will influence the way people see you. So, take my brotherly advice and figure out what it takes you to start loving yourself. Only then, life will love you back and you will enjoy your journey full of happiness 🙂

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16 thoughts on “A Key to Happiness: Love Thy Self!

  1. You’re on the right track Afif 🙂 I always tell my clients: Remove that “please love me” sticker off your chest & put it where it should be: on your own mirror 🙂 In addition to all you said about the benefits of having such an attitude of self-love, when people sense it in you, they can’t but love you too 🙂
    Bowing at your insights 🙂

    • Dania, I’m really glad you liked it and a big thanks for the support. Such a feedback coming from a leading coach like yourself…I’m humbled. 🙂

      Keep shining dear Dania!

  2. what a genuine article you wrote, full of compassion and so faithful to your thy . when God loves someone, He makes his wishes come true. and God sure loves good people like you. loving yourself is a way to thank God for his perfect creation for he made you what you wanted to. Very few admit God’s giving, and rare are those who value it the way you do.
    yes I shake hands with you, let’s love oneself, let’s love our homes, let’s love our plants and surroundings, as a thankful gesture to our Creator.

  3. I so liked your note Afif, I would add and say: based on my personal experience, sometimes when we see the weaknesses or ( points that should be improved) in ourselves, we come up with a positive outcome, it’s not always a negative way of thinking..this is one of the ways to achieve happiness on the long term future 🙂
    lots of Aie

  4. Great article Afif, loving oneself is the major ingredient of success and fulfillment in life… and this is our natural state of being, feeling otherwise is not natural and thus leads to all kinds of problems… Love is the basic weave connecting us all 🙂

  5. I am going to read your article carefully since this period of my life I really need some possitive outxome. I will send you a request in facebook soon 🙂

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