NGOs 101 Series

NGOs 101 Series
Dear reader,

Considering the sheer number of questions and consultations I get regularly about NGOs, their types, fields of work, definitions, structures, proposal writing, fundraising and the like, I will be posting a series of articles about NGOs to cover such topics.

Here is a quick overview about some of the articles I’ll be posting:
• Defining NGOs
• Types of NGOs (by geographic scope)
• Fields of Work of NGOs (by industry)
• Functional Types of NGOs (internal structure)
• Project Management in NGOs (how it differs from those in private and public sectors)
• Fundraising in NGOs
• Proposal Writing in NGOs (how it differs depending on the donor/funding agency)
• Logical Framework Approach/Matrix (what it is, how it came into existence, when is it to be used)

If you’d like to know about other topics related to NGOs don’t hesitate to drop me a comment about it.

Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “NGOs 101 Series

  1. Hello George,

    Have you considered transferring this information presented on your website into a training manual that can be easily explained, with examples, cases, discussions and real life examples?

    A lot of what is mentioned on both sites you shared is interesting, but stay conceptual and theoretical until something of it is applied. As you know, good ideas are a dime a dozen, what matters is the implementation.

    In this context, I would definitely recommend you start working on implementing some parts of it, or maybe get examples and cases of how sections where applied elsewhere and how it impacted the country positively.

    Let me know what you think,


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